Successful management requires team members' self-awareness. Smooth teamwork also requires members' awareness of each other's strengths and strong trust.

Team coaching can be used to:

  • deepen team members' self-knowledge
  • increase awareness of colleagues' characteristics, skills and strengths
  • deepen trust among team members
  • offer members tools to better manage factors that affect their own motivation, comfort and productivity
  • increase team members' ability to direct their own work

In traditional teamwork, time can be spent on steering team dynamics toward greater productivity and trust. In the modern business world, teamwork is more distributed, the tempo is faster and team members frequently change. Team leaders must increasingly place their trust in members' abilities to work independently, and team members must get up to speed more quickly. This requires good self-knowledge among team members alongside the team leader's ability to communicate effectively with different types of people.

Cresco's team coaching focuses on producing information about team members' personal characteristics that are important to teamwork and putting that information into use quickly. Team coaching is designed as a comprehensive entirety based on the team's current special characteristics and challenges. Coaching can be realised as a half-day course or as a longer programme, for example with coaching held annually. At the end of the course a concrete development plan is drawn up, which is put into action either independently or with the support of a psychology consultant.

Cresco's team coaching courses bring together a group of experienced psychologists with a deep understanding of the requirements of the business world, diverse viewpoints about various types of organisations and broad knowledge of factors that affect individual change and team effectiveness.

Team coaching is not suitable in acute crisis situations. In these cases, turn to our "Crisis consultation and collaboration problems" service.


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Smooth teamwork also requires members' awareness of each other's strengths, along with strong trust.